x 12 Grout Cleaner

x 12 Grout Cleaner

$120 USD $240 USD

How it works?

Drops is a specialized detergent for washing, bleaching and disinfection of surfaces in ceramics, granite and tiles. Its concentrated formula cleans, removes stains, sanitizes and whitens grouts, sinks, toilets and urinals, removing slime, scale, mold and corrosion stains adhered to the surface.

DROPS Grout Cleaner, its special and unique formula will leave your grout floors as good as new. So clean that it will look like magic!


Dirty floors and filthy grout joints?

The solution you've been waiting for is Drops, the grout cleaner everyone loves.

Directions for use

Apply directly or dilute 1 part of DROPS Grout Cleaner & Whitener in 4 parts of water. Apply on surface and wash then rinse.


Composition features

Non-ionic surfactants, inorganic acid, preservative, water. DOESN'T CONTAIN PHOSPHATES.